What is YouYoga?

YouYoga is the answer to the many questions and concerns that arise for those who wish to develop a home yoga practice, continue their yoga practice when traveling, do an at-home practice but have little or no experience, have a studio-like practice without visiting a studio, and/or prepare classes to teach their students. This interactive resource was developed for anyone wishing to practice yoga within the privacy and convenience of their own space, be it at home or on the road.

Practice Anywhere, Anytime

YouYoga was developed as an online resource dedicated to assisting those who wish to start, create, expand or support their own home practice anytime and anywhere. We know time is valuable to you.  With YouYoga you have the option to practice two or three minutes with Single-Poses, ten to fifteen minutes with our Mini-Sequences, or thirty to sixty minutes with our Full-Sequences. Each unit supports the others as a practice sequence but is also able to stand alone. As you begin to navigate your way around and make choices regarding what you’d like for your practice, you’ll find that whether you use the Single-Poses, Mini-Sequences, Full-Sequences, or decide to build your own, you’ll be provided with a detailed explanation for each chosen pose.

Remove the Obstacles

If you are a newcomer to yoga, YouYoga can help.  YouYoga puts you comfortably in control while assisting you in creating a safe and effective personal practice.  If you have interest in trying a class but just don’t feel ready or confident in so doing, YouYoga will guide and support your growth toward your goals.  With YouYoga you will have access to endless classes structured to meet you just where you are, with three distinct levels from which to choose.  The Fundamental Level is not only for the beginner, but also for the experienced student who either has had little exposure to the essentials of the postures or has been exposed to mixed level classes without a focus on the basics.  We say that the Fundamental Level includes instruction for the building blocks of a safe and effective yoga practice. The Quintessential Level outlines practices that help to deepen the awareness of subtleties, such as utilizing the energy body and emotional body with more challenging postures. The Devotional Level inspires the practitioner to perform advanced postures which require both a strong body and a strong mind.

Feel Supported

There are endless reasons for not practicing yoga in a formal studio setting though the desire to do so might be there.  YouYoga was developed to reach and assist thousands of people, just like you. YouYoga is accessible to everyone.  With our blog, regular online features, and the “Ask Amy” column, you will remain connected to advice and keep up-to-date on the latest resources and instruction available.

Feel in Control

YouYoga believes in the positive power that yoga brings to each of our lives. Aware that each of us is unique, YouYoga strives to accommodate each and every person with guidance and empowered knowledge. You will never again feel as though you are not in the “right” yoga class.

Build Your Confidence

YouYoga will demystify the process of beginning a practice while diminishing the fear, uncertainty, and awkwardness that can accompany the unknown or the unfamiliar.  Without access to an exceptional teacher, it can be difficult to feel safe practicing independently.  But with guided instruction for creating your own YouYoga sequence, your confidence will quickly build and be maintained.

Practice Safely on Your Own, Avoid Injury & Demystify Yoga-Lingo

The instruction is organized in a manner that not only explains how to practice the physical poses, but it also introduces the practitioner to all aspects of a practice:  how-to, pose names, common misalignments, proper execution, modifications, contraindications, and benefits.  YouYoga believes it important for you, the yoga student, to understand the common misalignments of poses, the times to avoid practicing particular poses, and the physical cautions to prevent injury. 

Understand How to Modify Poses

Each Single-Pose, Mini-Sequence, and Full-Sequence includes our “picture-in-picture” video that details the common misalignments and alignment corrections to insure safety and understanding of the proper execution of the postures.  Instruction on the modification of each pose to meet your level or physical limitation is provided to insure your safe and effective participation.

With Convenience You Can Stay on Track

It is said in the Yoga World that a person benefits from practicing even one downdog a day.  YouYoga can help you receive the benefits of a daily yoga practice beyond that one downdog by encouraging a continuous practice, making it less likely that you’ll fall off course. YouYoga can also be valuable to a regular practitioner of yoga.  We are aware of countless students who have developed a very strong in-class practice but avoid unrolling their mats at home because they feel a need for some guidance in their practices.  YouYoga can provide that guidance.

Be Consistent with Your Practice

Relinquish procrastination!  Often home or travels are the common distractions that challenge us in remaining consistent. Regardless of why you may find it difficult or intimidating to practice on your own, know that with the guidance and suggestions of YouYoga, you will have at your fingertips the means for easily developing the discipline you need. Time, cost, indecisiveness, and inconvenience will quickly disappear!

The Right Price

Let’s face it - travel is expensive and time consuming. Agreeably there is no replacement for a teacher. But when you can’t physically get to a studio because of cost, time, or travel restraints, YouYoga is here to be your support. The YouYoga interface was designed so that as you build your practice sequences, they are saved for you to access over and over again with no cost to you.

Become a Better Teacher and Organize Classes with Confidence

YouYoga was developed by a full-time yoga teacher who frequently led 20 or more practices each week. The concept of YouYoga established from her desire to keep her classes fresh and innovative.  With thousands of practice combinations, both you and your students can skip boredom and stay inspired!

More than Downdog

As a member, you will be exposed to the mechanics of a pose, the proper physical alignment of each, as well as the emotional, energetic, and mental benefits.  Additionally, you will be privy to topics such as ethical living, classical yoga philosophy, and holistic living with access to Amy’s blog, “Connected,” which also offers a monthly theme that will inspire your practice to follow you off the mat.

Become a Member (Free!)

As a member of YouYoga, you will have endless possibilities to expand your practice!  Practice Inspired: Join us today!